In this issue you will find a special feature on UNDP’s decade-long experience in using innovative bottom-up approaches that has generated a wealth of country-level knowledge on how to design and implement on-the-ground solutions to strengthen women’s involvement and integrate a gender equality approach in REDD+ action
Stepping up efforts to measure progress towards gender equality.
This info brief captures the UN-REDD Africa Regional Knowledge Exchange 2018.
The role of women as local Indigenous knowledge holders in sustainable management of forests.
Clarifying definitions, approaches and implications.
Experiences and lessons learned from South-South Knowledge Exchange between Ghana and Ecuador.
Webinar on Brazil's GCF proposal with CSO participation.
A report highlighting Viet Nam's ambitious targets for forest cover and protection of natural resources.
Report from workshop on REDD+ finance In Mexico.
This Info Brief on Nigeria discusses the REDD+ process towards the development of a REDD+ strategy.
This Methodological Brief on Gender defines the approach of the UN-REDD Programme (UNREDD) on gender equality and women’s empowerment, aiming particularly at the UN-REDD 2016-2020 Strategic Framework.
This info brief highlights the REDD Process in Uganda.