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South-South cooperation promotes solidarity among developing countries pursuing similar development paths by allowing them to address common challenges.
Gabon, whose forest covers close to 90 percent of its territory, receives breakthrough funding from Norway to continue fighting climate change through preserving and managing its natural resources sustainably.
Photo: UNDP Gabon
Key takeaways on forest climate action.
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25th September 2019: New York - As the planet continues to warm and wildlife species vanish at an unprecedented rate, five leading environmental organizations have come together to target the world’s greatest undervalued and unprotected solution to the climate and extinction crises— forests.

The event was intended as a stepping stone for the UN 2019 Climate Summit in New York, and December UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Santiago, Chile.
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Paris, 3 September - On the occasion of the visit of President Sassou Nguesso in Paris, President Emmanuel Macron today signed a Letter of Intent committing 65 million US dollars for the preservation of the rainforest in the Republic of Congo. 


UN-REDD to host GLF interactive session with the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact and the Tenure Facility.
Photo: Leona Liu / UN-REDD
Combining a participatory process with robust and consistent technical analysis.
The International Conference on Climate Finance for HFLD Countries was convened in Paramaribo, Suriname, 12-15 February 2019.
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